A classification of isomorphism-invariant random digraphs


  • Selim Bahadir
  • Elvan Ceyhan North Carolina State University




We classify isomorphism-invariant random digraphs \linebreak (IIRDs) according to where randomness lies, namely, on arcs, vertices, vertices and arcs together as arc random digraphs (ARD), vertex random digraphs (VRD), vertex-arc random digraphs (VARD) as an extension of the classification of isomorphism-invariant random graphs (IIRGs) \cite{beer:2011}, and introduce randomness in direction (together with arcs, vertices, etc.) also which in turn yield direction random digraphs (DRDs) and its variants, respectively. We demonstrate that for the number of vertices $n\ge 4$, ARDs and VRDs are mutually exclusive and are both proper subsets of VARDs, and also demonstrate the existence of VARDs which are neither ARDs nor VRDs, and the existence of IIRDs that are not VARDs (e.g., random nearest neighbor digraphs(RNNDs)). We demonstrate that to obtain a DRD as an IIRD, one has to start with an IIRG and insert directions randomly. Depending on the type of IIRG, we obtain direction-edge random digraphs (DERDs), direction-vertex random digraphs (DVRDs), and direction-vertex-edge random digraphs (DVERDs), and demonstrate that DERDs and DVRDs have an overlap but are mutually exclusive for $n \ge 4$, and both are proper subsets of DVERDs which is a proper subset of DRDs and also the complement of DRDs in IIRDs is nonempty (e.g., RNNDs). We also study the relation of DRDs with VARDs, VRDs, and ARDs and show that for $n\ge 4$, the intersection of DERDs and VARDs is ARDs; we provide some results and open problems and conjectures. For example, the relation of DVRDs and DVERDs with the VARDs (hence with ARDs and VRDs) are still open problems for $n \ge 4$. We also show positive dependence between the arcs of a VARD whose tails are same which implies the asymptotic distribution of the arc density of VRDs and ARDs has nonnegative variance.