On combinatorial extensions of Rogers-Ramanujan type identities





\((n t)\)-color partitions, , anti-hook differences, combinatorial identities


In the present paper we use anti-hook differences of Agarwal and Andrews as an elementary tool to provide new partition theoretic meanings to two generalized basic series in terms of ordinary partitions satisfying certain anti-hook difference conditions. Five particular cases are also discussed. These particular cases yield new partition theoretic versions of G\"{o}llnitz-Gordon identities and G\"{o}llnitz identity. Five $q$-identities of Rogers and three $q$-identities of Slater are further explored. These results extend the work of Goyal and Agarwal, Agarwal and Rana and Sareen and Rana.

Author Biography

Megha Goyal, Punjabi University, Patiala

Assistant Professor,

Basic and Applied Sciences,

Punjabi University,

Patiala-147002, India



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