Convex sublattices of a lattice and a fixed point property


  • Dwight Duffus
  • Claude Laflamme
  • Maurice Pouzet
  • Robert Woodrow



The collection CL(T) of nonempty convex sublattices of a lattice T ordered by bi-domination is a lattice. We say that T has the fixed point property for convex sublattices (CLFPP for short) if every order preserving map f from T to CL(T) has a fixed point, that is x > f(x) for some x > T. We examine which lattices may have CLFPP. We introduce the selection property for convex sublattices (CLSP); we observe that a complete lattice with CLSP must have CLFPP, and that this property implies that CL(T) is complete. We show that for a lattice T, the fact that CL(T) is complete is equivalent to the fact that T is complete and the lattice of all subsets of a countable set, ordered by containment, is not order embeddable into T. We show that for the lattice T = I(P) of initial segments of a poset P, the implications above are equivalences and that these properties are equivalent to the fact that P has no infinite antichain. A crucial part of this proof is a straightforward application of a wonderful Hausdor type result due to Abraham, Bonnet, Cummings, Dzamondja and Thompson [2010].