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How to remove rust from bobbins?

If any part of your machine is getting rust it means your machine is getting old with time and it needs more attention. But if your machine is new and it’s getting rust, it means you are not cleaning it often. In the same way, if your bobbins are getting rusty then you are about to lose them one by one and you have to spend again a few amounts on the bobbins.

If you are going through the same problem then here we are to provide you with the best and perfect solutions about how you can remove the rust from the bobbins. There is nothing to be worried about if you have a best first sewing machine. If you want to have more information about the sewing machines then read and turn yourself into the pro seamstress.

How to remove rust from bobbins

Metal Polish

If you want to increase the life of your bobbin then once in every two months use metal polish on the bobbins. It would be great if you will use a wool thread, apply polish on it and use it like a floss on the bobbin. This metal polish is going to remove all the rust from the bobbins and you will be able to maintain the look of your machine.

Now if metal bobbin is full of rust and you have no idea what to do? Then just use metal polish and get a wool thread. Apply polish on the thread and then with the help of thread apply it on the bobbin. Leave the polish on the bobbin for few minutes and then use a thread like a floss. Rub it on the rusty areas, in just a few minutes your bobbins will be all ready to use again.


So many don’t know if they really can remove the rust from the sewing machine and bobbins with the help of dremel. You can use different forceps or brushes to hold the bobbins while dremel is going to remove the rust. You can use small brush to the rotating brush in order to rub the bobbin thoroughly and to remove the rust from it.

Start the dremel on the bobbin and start removing the rust. After cleaning the rust from the bobbins use polish to maintain the cleanliness and always clean the lint from your machine after preparing any project. Removing lint will increase the lifespan of bobbins and will keep the rust away.

Tooth Paste

Toothpaste is another cleaning agent. If you will use toothpaste on any metal thing to remove the rust then after a few minutes you can see how the rust will start to melt down. In the same way, use a small brush to apply toothpaste on the bobbins. Leave it for 7-8 minutes.

After a few minutes take a soft cloth or a brush to rub it softly. Remove the rust from the bobbins and clean it with the soft cloth. You can try this trick once in three months to keep the rust away from the bobbins. If you are using a best inexpensive sewing machine for beginners then you can clean your machine with the toothpaste as well. To know more about the sewing machine visit

Rubbing Alcohol

Alcohol can definitely remove the rust from the bobbins but don’t apply it directly on the other parts of the machine. Direct contact of alcohol with the sewing machine can damage the mechanism and highly dangerous for the performance. Always use the soft cloth to clean the machine with the help of rubbing alcohol.

Never use rubbing alcohol on the black finished products. Like if your machine has black polished over it then never use rubbing alcohol to wipe it. It will ruin the polish of the sewing machine and the appearance will be dim.

Keep the sewing machine bobbin clean

Nylon Brushes

With the help of Nylon brushes, you can remove the rust from the machine as well as from the bobbins. You can toothbrush too to rub off the rust. Before you rub brushes and toothbrush on the rusty bobbins, use products to remove the rust which is only made to remove the rust only. Few products can ruin the classic polish.

It is recommended to research the polish products before you apply on the sewing machine. With the help of Nylon brushes or thread, you can remove the rust by flossing. If you have a vintage bobbin then chances are you may get rust quickly on them. To remove the rust, initially you can use the brushes and brushes but it the rust is strong then use different strong products.

Naval Jelly

Naval jelly is highly recommended to eliminate the rust from the metal parts of the sewing machine. This jelly is best when it comes to getting rid of the stubborn rust and you are tired of all the products. Pour naval jelly in the bowl and dip all the metal parts of the sewing machine in it. Leave it for 15 minutes let the rust move away from all the detached metal parts.

After 15 minutes pick all the parts one by one and rub it with the help of brushes or toothbrush. Use small pins or toothpick to clean the thin lines of the parts. Always use gloves when you are pouring hand in the naval jelly box because it is phosphoric acid and can cause you several allergies. Use only when you have all the protection accessories with you.


These products will just not help you in eliminating the rust but it will also help you in recovering the long-lost shine. The major reason why your machine is getting rust is due to the addition of lint every day. As a beginner, if you want to know more about the sewing machine then read Expert Reviews On Best Rated Sewing Machines For Beginners You Should Buy. Never pour any of the products in the machine directly, as it will damage the mechanism and your sewing machine will be of no use.