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Complete Review of Top 5 Cross Line Laser Levels

This cross line laser level is great for works when you prefer a reference for right angles besides horizontal and vertical lines.

The uses of the cross line laser level change with its price tag. For instance, an inexpensive self leveling laser level works well for indoor and ordinary home remodeling tasks, on the other hand, the self leveling construction laser level will be a highly-priced affair.

Although projecting cross lines is the primary role of this laser level, you can still shut off horizontal or vertical laser lines or use the other line independently. In addition, a couple of the cross-line laser levels come with fully automatic or self leveling option, it is able to calibrate itself to produce accurate outcomes.

Best Laser Line Level For Construction

Look at the following laser level reviews and pick the best laser line level today:

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Number 1 - DEWALT DW089K Self-Leveling 3-Beam Line Laser

 The DEWALT DW089K cross line laser level comes with another laser beam apart from the two generally found in normal inexpensive self leveling laser level.

The additional beam acts as an additional plumb line and creates an intersecting 90-degree line on the ceiling and also the floor. This extra beam will make the use of second laser redundant while dealing with the layout applications, which can saves lots of time and makes operator much more productive. 

It is also equipped with a mental roll cage which prevents it from all types of damages that are caused by dust, water and shocks. The bracket and wall mount help the building of the ceiling quicker.

Number 2 - Bosch GLL 55 Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser

The Bosch GLL 55 is a simple and affordable cross line laser level that doesn’t compromise on the functionality and quality. It projects bright laser beams up to 50 feet in common working situations. This laser level can project two lines independently or together, useful for various alignment and leveling applications.

This construction laser level features smart pendulum system that helps laser to quickly level itself. Also, the device has the provision to signify out of level condition, further to ensure only correct outcomes would be recorded. The smart pendulum system also locks the pendulum after the laser is switched off for secure transport.

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Number 3 - PLS180 Red Cross Line Laser Level PLS-60521

The PLS180 cross line laser level has a tough design that makes it ideal for tough use on the construction site. You can deploy it quickly and expect it to be accurate to 1/8-Inch at 30-Feet. The laser beams produced by this laser level provide an indoor range of 100 feet. Along with two regular beams, it emits additional fan beam that is projected from ceiling to floor or wall to wall.

 It is possible to match it up with a laser receiver and receive a correct outcome over 200 feet in the outdoors. The PLS180 features a magnetic wall bracket, making it very easy to mount. 

Number 4 - BOSCH GLL 3-80 3 Plane Leveling Alignment Laser

 The Bosch GLL 3-80 Three Plane Leveling Alignment Laser generates three 360-degree laser planes – one horizontal and two vertical. This laser level works with innovative cone mirror technology to produce vibrant chalk lines.

 It performs perfectly for the indoor leveling, alignment with the range of 65 feet. To ensure it is a qualified self leveling construction laser level, Bosch has designed it with pulse laser receiver mode that provides a range of 265 feet in bright environment after being matched with an LR2 laser detector.

Performing projects like tiling walls, wainscoting, and fitting cabinets will be implemented effortlessly. With the ON button, you are able to receive perfect straight line lasers. You can even receive exact leveling with this Bosch laser level.

Number 5 - DEWALT DW088LG Cross Line Laser Level

Here is another excellent self-leveling cross line that projects vertical and horizontal crossing lines. It takes advantage of green laser technology which is four times more brilliant than red. The integrated mounting bracket is also a great addition to the product since it assists quick attach to steel or any other metal rack.

The DEWALT DW088LG 12V Cross Line is a powerful device created for incorporated, easy to use magnetic mounting.

Construction Green Beam Laser Level

Find the best green beam laser level here

 Rechargeable by a 12V lithium-ion battery, it offers user-friendly solutions for your powering requirements. In case you're hesitant to make the purchase, bear in mind that Dewalt's warranty covers you for 3 years, with a full year of free support and a 90-day money back guarantee.