Constructions of small complete arcs with prescribed symmetry

Petr Lisoněk, Stefano Marcugini, Fernanda Pambianco


We use arcs found by Storme and van Maldeghem

in their classification of primitive arcs in ${\rm PG}(2,q)$

as seeds for constructing small complete arcs in these planes.

Our complete arcs are obtained by taking the union of

such a ``seed arc'' with some orbits of a subgroup of its stabilizer.

Using this approach we construct

five different complete 15-arcs fixed by $\Z_3$ in ${\rm PG}(2,37)$,

a complete 20-arc fixed by $\S_3$ in ${\rm PG}(2,61)$,

and two different complete 22-arcs fixed by $\D_5$ in ${\rm PG}(2,71)$.

In all three cases, the size of complete arcs constructed

in this paper is strictly smaller than the size of the smallest

complete arcs (in the respective plane) known so far.

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Contributions to Discrete Mathematics. ISSN: 1715-0868